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Hello everyone and welcome to LSJ Accounting. My name is Laurel St John and I am a CPA specializing in business taxes in Tucson. I wanted to take a brief moment and introduce myself. I was born and raised in St Paul Minnesota and graduated from St Catherine University in 2006. I took the CPA exam the following summer and passed all four sections on the first attempt. I had never lived anywhere else besides Minnesota before going from one extreme weather environment to another when I moved to Tucson. I miss the green grass, trees, and water, but I don’t miss the 20 degrees below zero weather in the winter. (Yes, I said below zero.) I adjusted quickly to the temperatures and wear sweaters when it gets into the 60s and am generally loving Tucson. I try to not take life too seriously, but I’m serious about saving you money on your taxes.

Be wary of the tax preparer who says “Oh sure. You can deduct that” on every single item. There can be a lot of grey area on what exactly is deductible, but there are definitely items that just can’t be deducted at all. You want to make sure you work with a CPA who will take advantage of every possible deductions, without putting you at risk in the event of an audit. You need someone who can say they will fully stand behind the deductions claimed. Call LSJ Accounting today to schedule a free consultation!

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