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Tax Deadline 2016

The first day of spring means tax day is coming! In case you weren’t aware, tax day is only four weeks away! The tax deadline for 2016 is April 18th, 2016. Most people assume that April 15th must fall on a weekend since the deadline is after the 15th. Actually, tax day is postponed because […]

Beware of IRS Scams

Be alert for IRS scams! I had a client call me a few days ago panicking because they received a phone call from the IRS saying there were going to be proceeding with collections. The client was scared (as anyone who received a threatening phone call likely would be) and called me right away to […]

I love taxes!

This morning I was in a very thought provoking meeting. One of the questions I was asked was why I did taxes. My immediate answer was “I love taxes.” There was no hesitation or pause before answering. It was a gut reaction that came out before I even had a chance to analyze or process […]

Welcome to LSJ Accounting!

Hello everyone and welcome to LSJ Accounting. My name is Laurel St John and I am a CPA specializing in business taxes in Tucson. I wanted to take a brief moment and introduce myself. I was born and raised in St Paul Minnesota and graduated from St Catherine University in 2006. I took the CPA […]

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